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long story short,

My journey began in South Korea, and it truly took flight when I found my home in Canada. The decision to immigrate marked the most profound shift in my life.

Over the years, I've learned to adapt to a new environment, surmounting various challenges along the way. From grappling with linguistic barriers as a newcomer, I've now evolved into a product manager, crafting high-impact products across diverse industries.


I'm constantly struck by the incredible individuals who've stood by my side, supporting me through unexpected twists and turns.

My journey in technology has been fuelled by my deep-seated passions, which mirror the very essence of who I am.


I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of stepping into a product manager role, where I can channel my expertise to craft extraordinary user experiences and make a substantial mark in the digital landscape.

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I find that sometimes words can't capture the extent of emotions and thoughts. And music has its way of taking vivid snapshots of feelings that resonate true and authentic colors. You'll often find me lost in r&b, hiphop, indie and electronic music.


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